The DrumPack

A solid drum performance is the key to a good foundation of a song. Even the best of songs can be ruined if the drums are out of time or out of tune. Unfortunately, there's little or nothing you can do at the mix stage to fix this kind of thing. With DrumPack, you can get the drums in the groove of the song to keep your feet tappin'.

How do you record great sounding drums? Start with a great sounding kit. Just like a guitar, drums need to be tuned to sound warm and punchy. The right snare can significantly enhance the feel of the song. The wrong snare can make a song sound stylistically disjointed. A flabby kick will make a song seem lifeless. Every song is different, and the sound or tone of the drums creates different emotional responses.

Our engineers can fix a drum part that rushes or drags, or we can often replace or enhance a snare, kick, or tom that was poorly recorded or out of tune and make a drum part sparkle. No two songs are alike, and this level of drum treatment needs a special set of skills to make this process transparent.

Prices vary depending on the scope of the project. This kind of work can be very simple, but some projects are a bit more complicated involving a few days of mix time. Please contact us using the form below or call so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

The DrumPack

What's Included:
  • Our engineers ensure that the timing and feel of the drum part is right on time while maintaining the groove.
  • Drum replacement/enhancement if necessary.
  • Let us fix your drum part before you add the other instruments- otherwise the other instruments might be off-time if they were played to the old, out of time drums.
  • We will upload the new files back to you so you can record the other instruments in the groove.