The Masterpack

It's one thing to have a song professionally mixed, but even the best mixes will benefit from being properly mastered. A well mastered song will sound great in almost any listening environment and it will be loud enough to be competitive with other commercially available CD's. Our mastering engineers take the song to the next level using high-end EQ and compression, stereo field enhancement, and leveling amplifiers to make your song burst out of the speakers.

Prices vary depending on the scope of the project. Typically mastering a single song is $49.00, but some projects are a bit more complicated involving a few days of mix time. Please contact us using the form below or call so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

The MasterPack

What's Included:
  • Our mastering engineers meticulously polish your song ensuring it will be competitive with other commercially available CDs.
  • a 16 bit 44.1 CD quality wav file of your final mastered song.
  • a 192 kbs MP3 file of your mastered track for evaluation purposes. You can also put this MP3 on your facebook site, band website- anywhere MP3's are welcome.