You have some choices

There's a wide range of services in mixing music, and we've broken it down to four of the most common areas so that you only have to pay for the specific items you need.

The most common service musicians need, whether in person or online, is an overall professional mix. For this we offer the MixPack Pro.

The second most requested service is mastering, which we call the MasterPack.

Sometimes people just need to have their drum tracks improved, both in terms of timing and sound. We call this the DrumPack.

And sometimes artists need help with their song or a specific instrumentalist. We simply call this catch-all category the ProducerPack.

    A before and after example:
  • Karen Mullally

  • Before
    "I couldn't be happier!"
    Karen Mullally Singer Song-writer

The Packs

Here's a run-down of what's included in each package:

A Few Training Tips

Here's a few helpful tips to make your recordings even better from our friends at DiscMakers.
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