We are a dedicated team of engineers and recording studio owners that have formed this company to improve the quality of the growing trend of home recording in the music business. We're not just one guy in a room, we're a network of studios and engineers, and this network gives you the power of several engineers/producers all collaborating on your song. The founders are BZ Lewis and Marc Senasac, whose collective credits include En Vogue, the Beach Boys, Blue Oyster Cult, The Mars Volta, 2pac, Elvis Costello, Shakira, Primus, Joe Satriani, MTV... and the list goes on and on.
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BZ Lewis

B.Z. Lewis grew up in his father's home studio in a small town in west Texas. B.Z. remembers being 7 years old and duplicating tapes for his father's daily radio program "The Sound of Texas", spooling 1/4 inch tapes on an Ampex reel to reel machine. It wasn't long before the studio/music bug crept into his life. About the same time, he started playing piano and later developed a love for guitar. He attended an audio engineering school in Texas, and received his B.A. in music with an emphasis on classical guitar from the University of Texas at Austin where he was honored as one of the best guitarists in the state of Texas by Texas Beat Magazine.

He set out for California in '93 to work on a film that launched his career, and in '96 he started recording bands out of his home. The following year he moved the studio to it's current location in Oakland, CA, where he has been the main engineer for fifeteen years.

Currently B.Z. is a six time Emmy Award winner, a voting member of the Grammys, an ASCAP member writer and publisher, and is enjoying a publishing deal with Benaire/Churchill Music and BOK music in L.A.

Marc Senasac

With more than 20 years of experience in audio, visual and multimedia production, Marc Senasac is a uniquely qualified embodiment of theory, artistic technological vision, managerial expertise and integrated marketing savvy. Marc's early work in audio began in the Northern California music scene with creators like The Tubes, Chris Isaak, The Residents, Romeo Void and Exodus. Exodus, with Senasac in the production seat, helped define the thrash genre through the late '80s, innovating a new kind of music on no less than five projects in as many years. Marc has served as Chief Engineer for Alpha & Omega recording, owned by legendary producer Sandy Pearlman (The Clash, Blue Oyster Cult, Romeo Void). Marc has mixed and re-mixed tracks for the likes of En Vogue, 2Pac, Digital Underground, Blue Oyster Cult, Hammer, and Times 2. Other Artists Marc has worked with include The Waylon Jennings Band, The Whispers, Timex Social Club, Dizzy Gillespie, and Harvey Mason. Marc Senasac's audio work has spanned from film and television soundtracks for Disney, Lucasfim, Warner Bros. and Saul Zantz, to more than 25 classical recordings with renowned musicians from Berkeley California's early music hotbed. Marc continues on a path of excellence and innovation in the entertainment industry. Most recent work includes social media consulting for clients AOL, Avid, PeopleAggregator, Sacramento Kings, and others. Music projects include The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Shakira, and The Mars Volta.

marc senasac

Camden Stoddard

George started his career at The MixPack the old fashioned way- he started as an intern. After working his way up, he is now one of the main engineers at the studio. He has mixed and produced several bay area bands, has had many film credits, and he is also responsible for the audio that is produced at DoubleFine, makers of fine video games. George is a fantastic engineer in that not only does he know his way around the board, but he also sings, plays guitar, and as a producer he knows what it's like being on either side of the glass.